Which Are The Instagram Accounts That Cannot Be Hacked

Nothing on the internet is not hackable. You hear reports of social media accounts of the celebrities get hacked every now and then. Among all popular social media platforms, Instagram is the easiest to break through. However, there are certain accounts that cannot be hacked easily and there are some that should not be hacked. Hacking Instagram account is a paid service, but an Instaport account hacker may not entertain all your requests to hack an Instagram account. The following is the list of the Instagram accounts that cannot be hacked.

hack Instagram

Accounts Before 2012

Instagram started operating on sequenced databases from February. Instaport account hackers work only on sequence databases. Therefore, any Instagram account created before February 2012 cannot be hacked. Therefore, when you put a request to hack an Instagram account, the team first checks the date of creation of the account. If it is before 2012, the request is turned down.

Popular Accounts

If you put a request to hack the Instagram account of a popular Instagrammers with millions of followers, such a request will also not be entertained. It is not that such accounts are not hackable. But it is going to bring investigation and undue legal troubles. Therefore, it is not worth it. Therefore, make sure that you are not requesting to hack a popular Instagram account. You can request for your friends and people with a few thousands of followers.

Accounts With Advertisement

When you share the details of an Instagram account to hack, the Instaport account hacker team checks not only the date of creation but also several other details. One of such details is whether the account has been used for Instagram advertisement or not. If it has been, then it is not morally right to hack such an account and therefore, your request will be turned down.

It is because such accounts have linked their credit card details. There could be finance risk for the account holders as you would have the grant to access his/her payment details.

Other than these three scenarios, all Instagram accounts are hackable and Instaport charges $12 for each account hack and sharing login credentials.