What to Eat for Weight Loss While Staying on a Budget

When you think about weight loss, what immediately comes to mind? Is it expensive gym memberships? Is it diet supplements that cost an arm and a leg? Is it invasive surgery that does remove more than just unwanted fat? Well, weight loss doesn’t have to mean you have to spend a fortune in hopes of acquiring a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight, then there are food choices that will definitely be within the lines of any budget. There are superfoods that can give you a lot of health advantages, and perhaps the best part about the following foods that we’re about to tell you is that you don’t have to spend a ton of your hard-earned cash in purchasing them. So without further ado, here are some budget-friendly superfoods that you should include in your daily diet for the purpose of losing weight.


If you want to stay within the borders of your spending allowance, and you want a healthy breakfast to keep you from packing in excess pounds, then you should definitely consider adding oatmeal to your diet. Eating oats are both delicious and healthy, and it’s not expensive. When you a bowl of oatmeal on a daily basis, it can help in boosting the body’s metabolic functions. Studies show that eating oats on a short or long-term basis will incur significant effects that’ll assist in lowering blood lipids, controlling hyperglycemia, and, of course, reducing weight.

Greek Yogurt

Breakfast isn’t the only meal of the day, and there are many individuals who just can’t wait to have dessert. But instead of getting a tub of ice cream or eating a large chocolate chip cookie, have some Greek yogurt instead. Greek yogurts aren’t expensive, and it’ll help in improving the functions of your gut because of its probiotic bacteria content. In turn, it’ll help protect against leptin and inflammation resistance, and these are the main hormonal drivers of obesity.

Air-Popped Popcorn

You might be thinking, “but what about snacks”? Our bodies need to continuously digest food for proper weight loss to take place. As such, we need “fuel” in the form of healthy food ever 2-and-a-half hours so that we don’t get hungry. A great way to eat in between meals is air-popped popcorn. Don’t even think about eating popcorn with sugary coatings because that’ll destroy your diet in one sitting. Air-popped popcorn, on the other hand, will contain very little calories. Furthermore, it has a good amount of fiber that’ll help you keep the feeling of satiety for longer periods of time.

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