What is the main purpose of using tap sharing?

Basically tap sharing is kind of social network in this application to be useful of sharing photos and videos with family and friends. It’s to be supported on Android phones, tablet, and IOS device. In this

application to allow the users to upload a photos and videos to the service user can be editing with various filters and organized with tags and location information. First of all user was download the tap sharing application in Google play store, and next step is log in for our site and also the fresher was use this application to create the valid account. A user account’s post a photos and videos to private or public its user wish.  In this application also similar to Facebook. A user was post a photos are tags from family members and friends. In this application to extra add feature for share a photos to be like, comment, and share. Tap Share – Drawing was updated its mobile website to allow users upload photos and to add a lightweight versions are explore tab. And also a user was most of the photos should uploaded and viewers mindset if the photos are like them to the follower of owner‘s account. In generally tap share applications to use the user posted the photos and videos are fully colourful and attractive because it is the main reason of adding your account followers.

Disadvantages of tap sharing

Tap share is a primarily a Smartphone application, its web version was trivial to an annoying level to be enhance web version would be great treat. And then the user was should be searched to be upgraded it only search for the tap share username and not the real name of the user.  Basically this application was highly addictive with thousands of images and videos are uploaded by users so many chances to issue were occurred. User was not configuring the privacy of each photo individually and then two option users was post a photo public or private. Our tap share application via promote their products and services some cases fake account to create and false advertisement to attract the customer. To publish on user-uploaded image largely quality based on if photos and videos are not attractive enough then they will not follow the account. The tap share social network can become the addiction for users