What is BR1M 2018?

The rising cost of living and price hikes have affected the lives of thousands of lower income group of people residing in Malaysia. Looking to this condition government as a part of the people’s welfare has introduced a people’s aid scheme to ease the burden of high cost ofliving on them. The name of the scheme is BR1M.

About BR1M

As part of the government’s effort 1Malaysia people’s aid Bantuan Rakyat BR1M programme was formulated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri NajibRazak in 2012. It is basically a public welfare initiative especially formulated for the poorer section of the society living in Malaysia.

br1m 2018

The scheme was initiated mainly to simplify the burden of lower income group of people in Malaysia that are suffering due to high cost of living. In addition to helping people in Malaysia, government with the assistance of this programme is trying to make Malaysia a high income generating nation. In this initiative government offers cash to the people so that they can meet the high cost of living in the nation.

Effects of the scheme

1Malaysia people’s aid programme directly benefits the poor people of Malaysia by giving them immediate cash which directly increases their disposable income. When their disposable income rises they are able to fulfill their important necessities such as food, clothing, baby milk, house rent, and bills. An increase in the disposable income of poor people indirectly uplifts the domestic economy such as farmers’ market. This increase in the economy eventually improves the standard of living of the poorer society. The immediate impact of the scheme has shown a boost in the business of the small and medium enterprises as the poorer people are now able to spend on their basic necessities. The programme has given many other benefits to the lower income group of people in Malaysia.