Useful class that help in creating your illustration design

People always like to boost their talents and for that, they do different activities. Some will do crafting whereas some will do the drawing and some other activities. Likewise, some people are interested in creating art designs. But to get a better art design, it is more important to learn the techniques to create their own geometric animal. If you are really interested in doing artwork then learn the illustration and styles. There are some online sources available and they help you learn the unique styles and illustration for creating your own geometric animal. One among such online source is Skill share that helps you lean the illustration via video tutorial. The class is nearly around 90 minute which clearly explains about the vector illustrious and their unique style. This is a better chance to learn the process practically which simplify the complex forms, style with restraint, and create unified compositions. This helps you create a project, illustrating your own animal, and sketching with fun. This class is really worth for taking practice and enhances your perfect illustration skills. This helps people who have interest in creating digital illustration project. Let’s see what features the class will give you.

Outline of the class

  • Introduction: The class aimed to connect design and illustration which will help you create your own geometric animal.
  • Assignment: You will get familiar with creation process from the initial step of sketching to the final illustration.
  • Researching: You will know about the subject before starting the project. The class will provide you reference images and will also survey the other artwork that related to your subject.
  • Sketch process: Using the reference image the design layout will be created. Just by drawing the shapes you can create the border of the animal.
  • Adding details: After completing the outline of your design then you can fill the details.
  • Basic shapes: during this stage you will learn the set background, adding color to your design, creating shadows, and more.

You will learn all the above process from this class and this will help in creating the best digital illustration project.