Top 3 Benefits of Using Wood Poles in a Community

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way companies deliver services to the community. A lot of advancements are now bringing best results to the people around the world. But, no matter how advanced the civilization is right now, some methods are still better in old ways. One thing that can be associated with a laid-back service is the use of treated wooden poles.

People from different places have different opinions about electrical wood poles. For guidance and for information purposes, this article contains explanation regarding such matter. The details stated after this paragraph will bring clarification on the benefits by which wood poles can provide to a society.

  • Environment Friendly

It is understandable how you are currently making the other brow raise right now. You could be asking, “How would it be an environmentally friendly if the wood itself came from nature?” Well, the thing is, the companies that offer such services have farms dedicated to preserving a huge forest. The woods used to bring service to the community did not come from random logging in random places. The forests are sustained according to the requirements of the law. But, the best thing that can support the argument is its recyclable characteristic.

  • Better Service Life

If you compare a steel pole to a wooden pole’s service life, you may be surprised at the gap each possesses. A steel pole’s average service life will run for about 30 to 50 years. But, if you prefer a wooden pole, you can go higher than the concrete’s life. The average service life of wooden poles would range from 40 to 80 years. Now, that a huge year gap we just discussed. Also, you need to include in the equation the damage by which corrosion may trigger the poles preferred.

  • Easy Installation of Cables

Unlike concrete poles, treated wood poles are a lot easier to install the cables and accessories in. The installation procedure can be done with bolt and screws alone. Yes, you still need to drill in some parts of the wood. But, it is much safer and easier to manipulate compared to its concrete counterpart. One of the reasons why power line installation to take long hours is due to the hard materials of the concrete. Whereas in wooden poles, you don’t need to have a heavy duty drill machine to adjust the cable installation.

Change is good. But, if change doesn’t give as much impact as the older ways then it’s better to stay on the conventional method instead. Yes, we now have accessible internet and improved communications in one click. But, for the service of providing electricity to a community, some old ways are hard to replace with the new ones. Of course, the community is open to new methods. Yet, there are some factors such as the above-mentioned details can’t be justified with the newer version easily. Woods that are used as electrical poles are subject to replacement the forest. Thus, there is nothing to worry about the sustainability of the ecosystem. Companies that have signed up for such service are obliged to do their part in keeping the forest a livable place.