The Need of an emotionally Disabled man

Humans since time immemorial have found a way to live with some animals that don’t affect their interests and provide them with some other benefits too. These animals have been labeled pets as they are beneficial to us. They provide us with food and safety. They also give personal pleasure to the owners and become an integral part of their life. The animals have the tendency to get emotionally attached to the owners. Keeping aside food, safety and personal leisure animals sometimes can also act as an emotional support system for a man.

The men, particularly the one who is facing some mental stress and emotional disability can be aided lot with the help of animals. This thing has also been recognized by the many countries and they offer the emotional support animal certification to all those who are suffering from some sort of mental illness to have an emotional support animal with them.


How to do it?

Getting an emotional support animal certification is quite easy as all you need to do is follow these steps-

  • The first thing you need to do is to have certification of your mental illness by a physician.
  • The next thing is to get your animal approved as an emotional support animal by a counselor.
  • The last thing is to obtain an emotional support animal letter as a proof of your certification.

What sorts of disorders are covered?

The query that will instantly strike your mind what is the criteria to get covered by an ESA certification. The answer to it is quite simply is that those people who some sort of mental illness and thinks that they can reap the benefits of emotional support animal can have it as it covers the following disorders-

  • Stress problems
  • Depression problems.
  • Any sort of phobia
  • Anxiety disorders

The thing that people should keep in mind the ESA certification is governed by the government policies and laws. They cannot be considered traditional pets. The ESA laws help you a lot but there are few people who also take advantages of these laws in order to get some benefits from it. These laws can let a disabled men go anywhere with his emotional support animal. The ESAs not only includes dogs but other animals too and there are many examples that have proved that ESA therapy is particularly helpful.