How Can Sports Performance Be Increased By Using Altitude Chamber?

Due to its growing demand, sports players today are using training in hypobaric chamber in every part of the world.  In 2013, there was a conference held in Doha to conduct further research and gain insight into this ever demanding type of training.  Despite increasing research, there is no established or confirmed way to conduct this training to maximize the result.  The objective of this training is to improve sea-level or elevated performance.

physical and physiological ability

Modern Day Sports Requirement

Modern day sports require a lot of physical and physiological ability in key team sports such as football, tennis and squash.  The distance required for running in contemporary sports has immensely increased.  Due to this, they must have required physical strength to run the distance at a respectably high speed and even sprint when required.  Furthermore, their cardiovascular muscles need to be strong to handle the pressure of the game.  But many players struggle to meet the aggressive demand and challenges of the team sports today.

Today the best way to meet the goals of team sports is with a combined effort of hypoxia and anaerobic activities.  There are many kinds of altitude training available as per the aerobic and anaerobic requirements.  There is no particular recommendation of altitude training. It will differ based on specific player’s needs.  It is, however, believed that high power exercises for a prolonged time with short quick breaks are of utmost benefit. Start off with training for shorter time and longer rest time.  With passing days, increase your working out duration while shortening the rest period.  These will display dramatic result in your body and energy level over a period.

Bear in mind, just like anything else, altitude training is not for every player.  It is of greatest benefit to those needing to run a large distance versus those covering shorter expanses. For example, a football player always has to run a large distance compared to a volleyball player.  Hence he will profit more from it than the volleyball player or similar kind of sportsmen. It is also important to highlight that inconsistent practices wont yield the desired result.  You must engage in your altitude training constantly to get the desired and best outcome.