Get A Chance to Play Golf at Aiken Golf Club

While on a vacation, or even on Sundays who doesn’t love to play golf on beautiful green fields with the climate being just perfect for the game. Golf is a type of game which is not sportive or requires rigorous training, instead, it is a type of game which is played at leisure, is relaxing and the best part is any kind of individual can play. This game is played by young and old both. This is the advantage of playing golf. As so many people play golf, groups and clubs are formed to play this magnificent game. One of them is the Aiken Golf Club. It is a USA based club.

The Reserve Course

This ‘Reserve Course’ was included in the ‘Top 10 Best New Pvt Courses in America’ in the year 2003. Since then, it has continuously been known as one of the top courses of South Carolina. The course of Aiken Golf Club has 7,352-yard layout having a beautiful terrain with picturesque vistas and luxurious fairways. The golfers play with a relaxed pace around the breath-taking layout of this course. It is a scene that could only be created by a true architect. You would be thrilled with the ease with which you can play in this course and also you would be mesmerized by the course layout’s beauty. It doesn’t matter if you do not have any kind of skill in this field, as this course is so enchanting that it will make you come back again and again.

Types of Golf Courses

There are various types of golf courses available only at Aiken Golf Club in South Carolina. One of the newest addition to the Aiken Golf Club is the Hollow Creek Course. This edition was designed by the Clyde Johnston and Fuzzy Zoeller, the famed architect and the US and Masters Open champion respectively. Clyde is famous for his extraordinary works like some of the top courses of South Carolina. This course gives members the chance to enjoy playing another tournament course that will challenge the player’s abilities and skillset leaving an everlasting impression on Aiken Golf Club’s beauty.