The escape rooms rhodes are created for the players to play a game of real adventure or a kind of treasure hunt, that are normally played by the kids, but this is game is made complex for adults and they will be given hints, clues or puzzles that must be solved to get to the next point. Here the players have to strategies and make sure that they can complete the tasks given along the way as you proceed in the game. The time taken and how quickly you reach your destination and unveil the plot.

What is the game about?

These rooms are specially created to give the fell of dungeons, prisons, caves, space stations, jungles etc. the feel elevates the level of the game and players get easily integrated to the surroundings of make believe and get involved in the game. There are video games based on this style of play and many kids own them and play at their homes in the virtual world. You could find such games in the gaming arcades too. But there are specific locations in the world that cater to such fascinations live.

The escape rooms are also known as theme rooms too. These games have been popularised in the west with a lot of crowd wanting to try out and these have now become a favourite family joint wherein friends and family can participate and enjoy. These games were initially based on the way the video games did, the clues were similar, but now exciting ideas were being explored to see how the hints or clues or puzzles are some boring mathematical sequences or some colour coding that you had to guess.

Why it is popular?

Later other creators of the games gave various other dimensions to the game and those ideas were now being employed in the new escape room. These were now called adventure rooms. The participants were given scientific puzzles to solve. This game has been made into a franchise by some of the creators on the type the companies forward can take up and buy these and make such live rooms for play which is a very lucrative prospect. The hourly rates charged can be a big draw for the company as well as the people to come and try their luck in that one hour. This is also broadcasted on tv shows and it can generate a lot of money as any other game show or reality tv.