Cleanliness is only next to godliness.  When time is money in a city like Las Vegas it is up to professionals to do the cleaning of its carpets.  To maintain its  lifestyle to lure people around the world for entertainment Las Vegas depends on we clean carpet for keeping its carpets clean.  A style is an option but clean is not.  So the best is in the cleaning business and that too for more than 60 years.  The highly technology driven cleaning and the professionalism of its contractors make it the best in Vegas.

Technology in cleaning :

       Almost science and technology have influenced all of the service industry.  Coupled with experience and technology one can be assured of the quality of the service.

    The six-inch overlap cleaning on carpets is so professional that they are patented along with the four-inch overlap cleaning for upholstery.  This unique cleaning method is approved by both the carpet and upholstery manufacturers and recommended highly by them. Depending on the carpet fabric content and condition hot water and cold water cleaning are provided by the certified contractors to give effective cleaning.

      Urine x a special product used by the contractors remove any odor from the urine of pet animals.  The special ph resistant enzymes in the urine remove away all the odor of the urine from pet animals and give a soothing lemon fragrance.

      The shutout powder used is the best friend of the carpets.  While dyeing the carpets the manufacturers use dyes of various compositions.  The wrong usage of soaps which contains optical brighteners will bring out the excess dye in the fabric and cause irreparable damage to the carpet.  The shutout powder with its unique enzymes ensure the removal of stains, spots, grit, grim, mites, soil and much more for a longer period of time and maintains the brightness for the same time period. This is the main reason for the carpet manufacturers to recommend we clean carpet.

Excellent service :

     The cleaning is not given to subcontractors and the price is so perfect that there should be no delay to postpone cleaning for the economic reason.  The trust of thousands of homes and commercial establishments across Vegas is the clear proof of the same.

    The guarantee of free cleaning if not satisfied then free, and  from the start to the addition of life to carpets by cleaning coupled with technology and more than half a decade of trust makes Las Vegas carpet cleaning the best in business in Las Vegas.