Benefits of Motor trade insurance

Motor trade insurance is an insurance that covers for traders with multiple vehicles. This kind of insurance is very important for traders because it covers all their vehicles including customer vehicles. So any change in policy or paperwork can be done in one place without a lot of hassle. This provides the convenience of having both insurances as well as avoiding lengthy paperwork.

Three types of motor trade insurance

There are basically three types of motor trade insurance.

TPO (Third Party Only)- These are the basic level road insurances. They cover third parties and are the minimum requirement to run a car on the road.

TPFT (Third Party Fire and Theft)- These are a variation of the basic insurance policy with fire and theft covered.

Comprehensive- This policy covers the entire scene. It includes Third Party Only, Fire and Theft also including any damage to vehicle no matter who has been at fault.


Having a good and cheap part time motor trade insurance is important for full time as well as part-time motor traders. This is because you need security over the possible losses, legality, as well as individual insurances, can be very costly. Following are the key benefits of Motor trade insurance.

1- Car replacement-

Most motor trade insurances will provide car replacements if they are stolen or brutally damaged under their comprehensive cover.

2- Less work

Having a comprehensive motor trade insurance will make you have to deal with lesser paperwork and adjustments. All of that is handled by your motor trade insurance. So less dealing with government as well.

3- Comprehensive cover

These insurances provide complete and good coverage that would be otherwise hard to obtain. If you are having a part-time motor trade, dealing with the hassle of insurance for each car can be very tedious

4- Tailored policies

Some trading insurances can provide you with insurance tailored to your needs. There wouldn’t be a better solution to get a Part time motor trade insurance than that.

So keep these things in mind and search for a good motor trade insurance for your trading endeavors.