Avoid An illegal streaming site


Those who prefer streaming site for free movies, they definitely know about 123 Movies. In reality, this kind of website offers free streaming of movies as well as TV shows. this site also provide the download facility along with free streaming. Hence, if anyone want to see free movies streaming or want to download the movie,this is the best place to considered. But at the same time one question comes in the mind that” is it legal or safe to use”. So, in this articel we will discuss about bad ans good aspect of these free streaming movies site.

free streaming movies

facts about free streaming movies sites

As we know free streaming movies sites are absolutely not legal. According to Motion picture, 123 movies comes under those notorious site which were being listed illegal.On the other hand MPAA also consider this movies site as the world’s most illegal site.MPAA also states that over 98+ million users are on there, which is huge number os user at any illegal website. They laos claim that these movies site is being operated from Vietnam. many free streaming site has got the notice to shutdown their website but still there are few sites are open.

Working principle of streaming movies sites

These streaming site uses cyberlocker to consist famous video or movies without content hosting. this site allow Netflix,DVD ripped or many more to host their content.Since it does not have to host the content, that’s why it is one of the most popular streaming site.They also use Psuedo- streaming to make fast availability of content by downloading some content to the PC or mobile .


Hence, this streaming website is consider as an illegal website, since it does not have to host the content, it is very fast  streaming website. However, these sites are not safe as well because they host viruses as well as malware. And it is highly recommended that if you are visiting these sites. first make sure that you computer or mobile has high protection as firewall or anti-virus.So one should always keep in mind that site like 123 movies is not legal as well as safe for the computer and mobile.